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It's a BLING Thing!

It’s a BLING Thing!

We see it everywhere – bling-ed tee-shirts,  cellphone cases, keychains, details on just about any fabulous little blingy thing a girl owns! And now we also have Bling for our hair!

It’s a fad that is turning heads – literally. People will back-track to find you and ask, “Where did you get that sparkle in your hair? What is it?”

What it is:

  • 100% silky, sparkling . polyester strands
  • Made in the USA of guaranteed non-toxic, safe-for-all-ages FUN
  • Heat-resistant up to 400 degrees F (or 180C)
  • You can wash it, dry it, curl it, flatiron it
  • Hair Flair FX that lasts 2-6 weeks

What a fun, semi-permanent way to express your “thing for the Bling”. Unlike dyeing your hair, and exposing your hair to repetitive chemicals, with this kind of ‘weave’, you can change up the look whenever you like. Some go for subtle sparkle, while others dare to flair dramatically.

It takes a little coordination to tie the Hair Flairs, but so did learning to tie your shoes. With very little practice, you can even tie your own Hair Flair FX  (okay… with quite a bit of practice!).

Hair Flair FX offered by Lash FX  ™ is an easy, shiny, happy way to increase your overall ticket totals. Charging anywhere from $1-$4 per special FX strand, you stand to return your product investment with your very first client!

Have some fun with it! Some call it Bling String, Hair Bling,  Hair Tinsel (great plug for the holidays, by the way!!!) It does not hurt when applied - the sigular sparkly strands are tied into your hair in strategic locations with a temporary (easily removed by you the day after) or semi-permanent knot (lasting 2-6 weeks). Its safe enough for young girls (made in the USA of 100% polyester and guaranteed non-toxic!), and since you are not using any implements or chemicals on the hair - you do not have to hold a state board license (*Double-check in your area. Lash FX cannot be certain of this for every state/municipality.)

Lash FX
™ offers 19 Sparkling Colors in a professionally bound stylist’s swatch clip. Each strand is 36 inches long (cut into 2 pieces for shorter hair, and get double the trouble!). There are 100 strands in each color clip. Easy instructions on how to tie Hair Flair FX can be viewed HERE 


Why should you consider adding undefined   to your Lash business?

  • They could literally open your book to new opportunities and new Eyelash Extension clients and contacts.
  • For as little as $.09 per strand, and less than 1 minute per application, you can price this very competitively
  • Attract Cheerleaders, Dance Troupes, Bachelorette Parties, Wedding & Bridal Parties, Mommy and Me Play Groups, Women Sports Fans, Baseball Moms, Night Club Crawlers and more!

Typically 5-10 strands create subtle, stunning glamor. Use 10-15 strands of Hair Flair FX for a daring, dramatic look.

Look for pictures from our upcoming photo shoot at Dum Blonde Salon in Mesa, featuring Hair Stylist/Designer Riann Doxon. We’ll be featuring her hair style work in a featured artists spot on our blog. (Don’t worry! We’ll ask her all the questions you need the answers to for Fall Hair Fashion!).


Do these LASHES make my TRUNK look BIG?

Yes, even my car has Lash Extensions!
I cannot help myself. Lash Extensions are my business, and really... they aren't just makeup. They are a way of life! Ask any eyelash extension wearer, and they'll tell you all about it... (if you can tell they're wearing them!)

The trick is to have them applied in such a styling that you look


  • fresh
  • 5 years younger
  • like you simply have amazing eyes & lashes
  • like you are NOT wearing glued-on strip lashes

The secret is to understand the process as a consumer, and to trust only in certified and appropriately trained professionals.

Eyelash Extensions are not new to the beauty scene, but they are recently more well-known... and definitely more available to women (and Men!) just like you.

The extensions themselves are perfectly polished polyester points. They come in a variety of thicknesses, colors and degrees of curl. This is no "small-medium-large, off the beauty rack" treatment. One size does NOT fit all. While one gal might wear 30-40 culy-perfect lashes per eye (and look like a knock-out!), another might go for the full-glam-slam:  up to a HUNDRED lashes per eye. And she'll still not look like her lashes enter the room before her. Everyone she meets will be mesmerized, and her lashscape will have been designed uniquely to suit her features and lifestyle.

It takes a seasoned, skilled, appropriately-trained hand to deliver this kind of style. As easy as it might look on YouTube, eyelash extensions cannot be applied by yourself. The tools and adhesives are designed to be used by a trained professional. But how do you know who is appropriately trained?

I know from first-hand experience that even a licensed professional, who advertises they've done EEs for 4 years, can do a less than wonderful job. If you are among the lucky to know somebody who has had a successful, safe Lash Extensions procedure with beautiful results - go directly to that same professional. Do not shop around for the best deal. The best deal in dollars can be the short end of the lash for you. Some salons ask a higher price than others, especially in large, metro areas. With some careful research, you can expect to pay as low as $100 to as high as $600 for that initial lash design visit. Touch-ups range from $25-$125.

In my experience, a client who cares gently for her lash extensions, following the professional's aftercare tips, can count on returning for touch-up visits every 2-4 weeks. You will know when you are ready for a touch-up - when about 25-30% of your lash extensions have fallen out. That might place you at the 2 week mark in the beginning. At that point, you are learning to live with your new lash extensions. Later on, you could stretch it an extra week or two between appointments. A word to the wise:  if you are booking with a busy, successful lash provider, think ahead for special occasions & holidays. You might even consider a standing appointment once you know your "lash life rhythm". There's a reason its difficult to get last minute appointments with the best lash artists - they're in demand, and their clients book in advance to secure their spots!

Speaking of "lash life", it is surprising that many don't know how short a lifespan their eyelashes have,. While the growth stages are exactly the same as the hair on your head, the lifespan is much shorter. An individual eyelash only lives in your lashline for a total of 90-120 days until it falls out.Your eyelashes are a reflection of your health, hydration and your nutrition - very much like your skin, nails and hair show signs of stress or exuberance. Under normal, healthy circumstances, anywhere from 1-4 lashes will shed each day - total, between the two eyes. Some days you will lose none - or at least none that you are aware of! They constantly and randomly grow, shed and re-grow. They have a job to do after all - to help lubricate and protect the eye.

Eyelash hairs are cilia hairs with fine reflexes - very much like a cat's whiskers. They send split-second signals to shut the eyes, protecting them from passing objects or dust in the wind. It's involuntary and instinctual. the eyes and eyelashes are very sensitive. This is another reason to only trust a tried and true professional. The seasoned Lash Artist knows not to over-burden the lashes with excess length or weight. The perfect set of lash extensions should not only look fabulous, but feel weightless and stress-free. Too much adhesive (a beginners error) causes stress points in the lash bond. Our sensitive eyes can feel those blobs of glue when they wince shut - for instance when you sneeze or flinch.

Your Lash Extensions Provider should carefully coach you on gentle care and maintenance of your eyelash extensions. Cleansing the eyelids and eyelashes everyday is a must. Here is a link to a video on how Lash FX recommends you care for your lashes.

While your Lash Provider might have slight variations, these are the basics:

  • Never tug, twist, pick or pull at your lashes or extensions
  • Treat your eyes gently - as if you have makeup on that you don't want to smudge
  • Wash them daily with a lash shampoo (1 part baby shampoo, 3 parts water + a half teaspoon baking soda)
  • Brush & groom them gently with a disposable mascara spoolie or eyeshadow brush (best choice!)
  • Try to sleep on your back or side, avoiding smashing the lashes completely as you sleep
  • If you choose to wear mascara - only apply to the tips & used water-based mascara that washes off easily
  • When using night creams/serums, apply sparingly & blot off excess
  • When you touch your lashes, always use upward, sweeping motions - no side-to-side rubbing at the lashline



  That's about it.
Now if I can just train my car to treat her Car Lashes as gently!

Jill Heijligers-Peloquin is the owner of Lash FX Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies . A former Master Lash Stylist, she now supports the Eyelash Extension Professional Community and consumers alike, with information, continuing education and eyelash extension trends.

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My Groupon experience

Do you Groupon?

I promised a blow-by-blow description and report of my Groupon experience, and here we go!

I have only been aware of Groupon as a consumer for about 2 weeks or so. The first day that I checked it out (at my PR Guru's suggestion - thank you MJ from the bottom of my heart!!) (Just WAIT til you meet her in our webinar!), I filled out the online form for more info and a callback. I wanted in on this cool advertising promo vehicle! The next morning (impatient, I know) I called & got a hold of Lindsey Penfield (312-242-2029) who would become my accounts manager for my Groupon Deal of the Day.

Less than 2 weeks later, my ad ran for 24 hours, at no cost to me whatsoever. Lindsey kept me informed of all I'd need to know - how to track my progress and get the results reports from my deal, how I'd be paid, etc. She is great! (She is an accts mgr for Arizona, but she invited me to share her direct # above with you. She would be happy to speak with you and put you in touch with the appropriate Groupon Team member... and promises only to refer you to the most fun and friendly on their staff! )

I got 180 new clients directly from Groupon. They started using my online booking calendar immediately to book their appointments, and I am SLAMMED! I thought my schedule was full. Now I am F-U-L-L. Here's the basic facts + MORE:

My offer: (click on the photo to see the actual ad - they are funny at Groupon, that's their gimmick) A Demi Diva Lash FX Lash Extensions Set (35-45 lashes per eye) for $35 ($75 value), plus 10% off their first 2 week touch-up and an aftercare LashCare Kit. Also an option to UPGRADE to a Full Glam Set (60-90 lashes per eye) for an additional $75 at the spa.

180 were sold - my deal 'tipped' at 7:30AM. (You set a minimum. My minimum was 20, or the deal was not on. I hoped for 50 - I secretly wished for 200 - almost!!!) The Deal was on. the online calendar was hopping - my Blackberry kept pinging! The telephone at the spa was ringing off the hook! The discussion board linked to my ad was moving into 5th gear.

The Deal ended at midnight and I was able to access my groupon report page to see who had bought & how many, etc. It also shows their Groupon authorization code numbers, so you can distinguish/avoid reprints, etc. The next day I did 10 clients - 6 established + 4 Groupon new clients. Yesterday I did 10 clients too (only 2 were established. 2 were new/no Groupon and the rest were Groupon/new). Sunday (tomorrow) I do 11 clients!!! (2 will be established touch-ups; the remaining 9 will be new/Groupon clients)

I will get paid my percentage of the deal from Groupon in 3 installments. You pay NOTHING for the amazing exposure to subscribers, daily lurkers and to all the people that get the Groupon forwarded to them from friends that might think they need to know about this deal! About 20% are upgrading to the Full Glam set, so I am making better money on those sets. There are already an extra 6 people that called - they missed the deal, or do not like purchasing online, etc. I honored the deal, except it all gets paid directly to me. I expect there still to be a few more of these over the next week or so.

In the Phoenix Metro area, there are about 70,000 subscribers (guaranteed to see my ad - great exposure, even if the deal did not tip! I made sure to have before/af pics in the ad and links to our booking calendar, website, etc). InChicago (where Groupon originated) they have more like 250,000 subscribers. Groupon has been getting national media attention on shows like The Today Show, CNN & more.

Here's the math: I will receive over $3000 (plus gratuities, plus upgrades possibly) to have 180+ clients walk into my shop for a 45 minute service. Its my job to awesomely ROCK their beauty outlook & turn them into regular clients - at my prices, that means $625+ OR $1125+ PER CLIENT annually. If I do my job, my annual income just went up between $28750-$35000. I will ask them to refer me to their friends to keep the circle of life rolling - we all know that some will continue; some will drop off the books.

Groupon was pleased with the outcome & they asked to run the deal again in 4 months - heck yeah. And we have a Massage therapy Deal slated to run before Mother's Day - they predict that one to do 3-5 times better than this one. (Please refer any massage therapists looking for work to me! ha ha)

So, there had been only one other eyelash extensions groupon run before mine - in the Dallas area - they resulted a stronger number, but Dallas is so much more a beauty mecca than Gilbert, AZ.

Lastly, especially for those of you who consider yourselves newbies: How much faster/better and more finacially secure would you be if you had 180 guaranteed clients filling your eyelash extension book? It could single-handedly build your portfolio AND your book. The collection of before/after pics will also be great - what a photo album "look book"!

You do not pay for the advertisement, as you do in print or online advertising. You reach subscribers (their demographics are exactly who you want to target); not spamming people or running ads that may or may not be seen. You pay for  the success of the ad by doing those deals at a steep discount, yes, but between the upgrades and the gratuities, and your established clients, you are simply setting yourself up for success. For a short while (my expiration is 6 months, but only because I want it spread out only for that time frame), you are working harder. In this economy, I would be fine with working harder, as long as I am succeeding and setting myself up for better days.

Things to consider:
upgrade to Authentic Minks for an additional $XX
upgrade to a full set for an additional $XX
buy a gift certificate for a friend at XX% off, only available at the first visit
rebook at your first appointment for a free gift or XX% off
pre-pay for a 4-pack of touch-ups for $XX
add on a facial (or other service) for $XX
revitalash special, Instantly Ageless face Lift in a Bottle special (I sold two of these yesterday to Grouponers - no special)
... and more ideas to make the "deal visit" more lucrative, less a risk

I think I should stop now. This is our logest article to date. Please feel free to leave any comments, ask questions, etc.
Love ya/Lash ya,


Lash FX offers new Lash Care cards for your clients!

Glossy Lash Care Tips Cards for your after kits:
You coach them verbally as you wrap up their lash styling. You direct them to the YouTube Video of Lashcare, but you also want to cover your bases for later the next day (when they don't remember a word you said & they forget what to do with that spoolie-thing you gave them!)

Each of us learns and processes information differently. Some are visual learners. Others are 'see, feel, do' folk. In my private clientele, I have noticed the need to give more complete, multi-media information, to send my new (and established!) lash extension clients on their way to a successful relationship with their lashes.

My aftercare kit includes this postcard (mine have my Lash Loft info printed on the front, but here there is room for you to add a clear Avery address label with yours!), a small foam pumper* of poo (1 part Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo, 3 parts distilled water + one teaspoon of baking soda), and a snack-sized ziplock baggie with 2 spoolies, 2 flocked aplicators, one Paqit Face cleansing cloth** and 3 of my business cards for referring friends.

Now these pretty, glossy postcards are available from ourLash FX order form.  $10 for 100 cards.

Lash long & prosper!

(these paqit cleansing cloths are FABULOUS - esp since we do not want out clients to wash their eyes for a prescribed amount of time! You could easily retail them. The hand/body version is also fabulous! Biodegradable, organic, convenient + the yum factor!)

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Social Networks are the new watercooler!

Not only is everyone tweeting and lynking and FaceBooking and blogging, but media darlings and PR gurus are encouraging small businesses to join social networks. There are some boundaries to establish and pitfalls to avoid, if you want to use these networking sites to gain your business exposure in the correct light.

  • DO: sign up for a free Twitter, FaceBook and blog account (there are so many out there, the list is endless. These are 3 I use)
  • DO: blog, tweet and post faithfully, but appropriately on a regular basis. (Your business Twitter account should not be where you write about that piece of popcorn you spit out when laughing at the new Dorito commercial!)
  • DO: keep the posts meaningful and content-rich (Talk about the newest service you're offering, or how seasonally appropriate a new styling is to your audience)
  • DO: follow and 'fan' like-minded businesses that you admire (You are not only supporting your colleagues in your industry, but you are extending a subtle invitation for their followers and fans to check out your biz too!)
  • DO: coordinate your efforts (Think purse, belt, shoes! Each time you promote, for example, a Valentine's promotion - update your website, blog and Twitter/FaceBook statuses too. Google loves - and rewards, ranks -  frequently updated content. Matching ad verbage makes your business look like a valid, mature brand to support!)

Here is a link to an article about social networking that received from a Twitter friend. Don't commit social networking suicide. Keep your personal accounts personal, and your business identities promoting the image and imagination that you want to attribute to your business profile.

Happy Lashing, and follow us on Twitter and FaceBook!
I'll do the same for you!

Harness the power of group sales to grow your Lash Extensions busines!

Do you "Groupon"?

Wow! This is a very cool, new business development brought to my attention by my PR guru MJ. Its been mentioned on Good Morning America, CNN, and lots of other high profile programs. If you're a small business owner (we are, aren't we?), and you have very little moolah to apply to advertising - this is SWEEEEEET. Pay for nothing upfront. Sure, you will be doing your beautiful lashes at a discount, but you are pretty much going to break the voicemail bank when it comes to new clients wanting to call & set appointments! The discount is the price of the advertising - completely deductible for you if tracked effectively, and Groupon makes it easy.

In a nutshell, you work with their team to develop an offer of the day. The offer has a guaranteed minimum, or it doesn't fly. The day of your auction, you can watch & keep tabs on the computer to see how many people in your area purchase Groupons for your business. groupon takes a percentage of the grand total (that's how they get paid - one time only), and they write YOU a check for the rest. Example: I decide to sell a minimum of 100 groupons that feature $75 of Gilbert Bodyworks value for $35 each. I put special restrictions on them i.e. "limit 1 per person", "may purchase multiples as gifts", expiration date, etc. The Daily deal airs as scheduled & if my minimum hits, they sell and sell until the QVC-like auction time is up. Groupons takes their percentage, pays me the rest & sends me full disclosure of how many purchased, etc, etc. Then the telephone (or online booking calendar) starts ringing. they have pai for their services, so they are coming! you have a terrific rush of new traffic to your salon (eyelash biz). treat them like royalty & keep them coming back for more!

Check em out - I watched all the info videos in one sitting. I had to bail on the computer to lash a client, but could NOT wait to rush back and sign up my Spa for a daily Deal in Phoenix, AZ. Lots of major cities & metros available & more coming soon. This is very  much worth having a look!

Let me know what you think!
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Happy, enthusiastic, prosperous Lashing Everyone!


Announcing Lash FX's Lash Extension Photo Contest

Show us your stuff!

We'll PROMOTE you! Send in your pictures (must be of your work, or you wearing your lash extensions) - they should be watermarked for security/creds. (we can help you if you don't know how to watermark them!) And you must be a Lash FX FaceBook FAN - its not too late to join!

Winner will be announced on January 16th here on 'tipsntricks' on Twitter, FaceBook and Winner receives a $75 credit for Lash FX products or services.

All participants' photos will be given appropriate credits, tracking to your website, FaceBook page, or business info.  The photos (or best of, if we get a huge turnout) will be in a photo album on our FaceBook FAN page. You do not have to use Lash FX products exclusively (or at all - although we hope you'll try them someday!) - this contest is all about generating some exciting BUZZ in the LASH World and drawing in more potential clients from Downtown, Anywhere, USA.

All submissions should be sent via email to , and don't forget to include your name, biz name, contact info (for clients to reach you) as well as a contact email & telephone number for me to reach you about the contest results!
Happy Lashing in 2010!
Lash Long and Prosper!

Lash FX Lashcare

Happy 2010 Lashers!

One of my New Year's 2010 resolutions for business is to give my clients (both established and new, alike) very clear instructions for aftercare of their lash extensions. I have always given verbal reminders, conversationally - as I wrap up an appointment. This year I am also producing some color rack cards with pictures & instructions as well as a video!

The Lash Loft at Gilbert Bodyworks is my place to see clients - a comfortable, cozy, clean space to do business. In fact, it gets so cozy, that it feels like social time when I'm working with clients - that's why I am making a point that following the recommended lashcare is important. Hygiene of the eyes and lashes is important, and proper care also gives them better staying power! Its just as important in month 5 - or year 3! - of getting lashed with me at Gilbert Bodyworks as it is for the first time visiting client.

Please watch my videoHERE on YouTube. If you'd like to show it to your clients, fantastic! (But do me a favor in return... sign on as a free registered user at YouTube, and rate my video with an appropriate number of stars and maybe leave a comment - both here and on my YouTube Channel. Thanks!) Every time its viewed, helps its ranking so click away! <3

Hopefully, you'll be inspired to help me improve its content with a future version. As always, please post any comments you might have - I love this blog! jp

Supporting one another in the New Year!

My New Year's resolution for 2010? (Well, it makes me laugh that I have to resort to making this my resolution, but I'll do it, and it'll work, I hope!) I will be adding content and managing feedback to on a weekly basis. I have (as of writing this) about 10 different articles and entries to add to our teeny-weenie blog. I hope they'll be of great interest to you.

Today's topic is SUPPORT. We all have technical support for our telephone and internet service. We buy added protection and warranties when we purchase major electronics... But we don't always have the professional support we need to strengthen and grow our businesses. We always say "word of mouth is the best advertising". This is fast-becoming an old wives tale. If 'word of mouth' gets you more clients and a stronger business presence, I am not knocking it. But there are so many other ways to nourish and grow your business. We are missing the band wagon, and will fall by the wayside, if we don't educate ourselves as to "what else" to do.

How many of you have blogs, and don't let others know about it? Write them here! You need content, updated content, back links within those comments and FRIENDS to help. That way your BLOG will help you grow your business. We will be having a brief (45 minute) FREE webinar called "Welcome to BLOGland" to help you create one, and empower it. Please subscribe to this blog to be in the loop when the email blast announcing the webinar hits email boxes.

If you have a website, chances are you have all the content you need to START a blog! (And a great way to streamline your website so it is easier on the eye; packs more punch at first glance... all those wordy "FAQs about lash extensions are a great first blog entry!)

If you ALREADY have a blog (even if its not updated recently), please post a link to it in the comments to this entry. EVERYONE who participates and peeks at this blog - its now your job to SUPPORT your colleagues (and YOURSELVES) by visiting, subscribing and COMMENTING on one another's blogs in a supportive way. Don't forget to place a hotlink/backlink to YOUR website and/or blog in your signature for each post. In addition to this, please become FANS of one anothers' FaceBook pages. Make interesting and appropriate comments AND add your link to your comment. Don't spam one another, but help one another and yourself at the same time!

Happy New Year! Lashing in 2010 will be wonderful and abundant!

Before and After

Having a photo gallery or video of your work can be the deciding factor for your potential customer to choose your work over another's. Take pictures of every new client, of every time you apply a new technique or use a new specialty lash or technique. Soon you'll have a library of photos to make cool videos to promote your business.

  • embed them in your website
  • upload them to YouTube
  • save them on a memory card & play on a flat screen or digital picture frame at your shop
  • send the link to potential clients that call or email for more info
  • upload them on FaceBook

Try to include the same 'chat' or verbage as you have on the various webpages, blogs and advertisements you'll use. This is a great habit to integrate into your better business practices for the New Year. (If you are reading this at any other time of year: It's NEVER too late to start a good practice!)

Here's to a great New Year of Lashing with Lash FX Eyelash Extension Supplies!